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Dick Jones

Dick Jones contemplates the meaning of growing older in America. It explores the inevitability of age through the eyes of a black man entering his sixties.

From the black streets of Harlem to the bright desert of Las Vegas Nevada, his desire for success is overshadowed by his fear of aging and his life long lust for young women. Finding himself living in Las Vegas is both a blessing and a curse as Las Vegas proves to be a world where young woman who are willing to satisfy his sexual obsessions are all too plentiful, but come with a price.

Believing that young women are the fountain of youth, he searches for his one true love on the underbelly of sin city. Each adventure is a mirror reflecting his own soul, his insanity and his failure to find true love. The cost of each adventure in money, time, trepidations and respect for human values is dear, but each part of the journey breeds the next step, which Dick can never resist taking.

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Miss Brown

This story begins in the Deep South of 1939 and ends in the South Bronx of New York City in 2001. It follows the lives of two extraordinary, magical black women living in the Deep South during Jim Crow, who have special abilities and a powerful friendship that last beyond the grave.

It follows the life of one of their grandchildren, Dick Jones, as he grows up in the Harlem of 1969 and becomes a member of the Yoruba Temple where he learns of possession and African magic.

Without knowing it, Dick leads a life that trains and prepares him to save his dead grandmothers dearest friend when she is embattled by evil spirits.


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What Few Will Think And None Will Say

What Few Will Think and None Will Say is the story of being born into an insane world, living in a world never understood, finally to become lost in the woods of futile existence as seen through the eyes of one dearly holding on to a sanity never fully his.
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A Survival Manual For Physically Abused Women

For over a decade Robert Saunders has been the Director of Special Employment Services, a non-profit social services organiztion providing a host of services to individuals with disabilities.

During this time he has also served as the vice president of the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association, the director of the Southern Nevada National Projects With Industry program as well as the creator and host of various events to benefit the disabled population.


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Compassion is a collection of poems exploring the human heart and the human condition.